The Guest List:

Pete Collison from The Fantastics - 'Pete's Mix'

A real treat for you on the guest list this time round kids and it comes from top funky dude Pete Collison. Guitarist with The Fantastics and one third of Captain Hammond's sound, his work has popped up here, there and everywhere on the site in the last few years. You'll find him all over the Promo page and there was an interview with the band a while back (keep scrolling on the Interviews page and you'll find it). It's a pretty special mix and I just know you're gonna dig it. Be sure to check Pete out at the links below. Thanks for your patience Mr.C !

Love n' funk - TBC

 I Got A Thang, You Got A Thang, Everybody’s Got A Thang - Funkadelic   

Attica Blues - Archie Shepp   

Nuther'n Like Thuther'n - Willis Jackson     

Shuckin' And Jivin' - Johnny Lewis Quartet   

Confusion - Boogaloo Joe Jones   

Loose Here - Kain    

Funky Fire - Billy Larkin & The Delegates   

Jumping - Charlie Antolini's Power Dozen 

Listen Here - Brian Auger & The Trinity

That's Your Bag - Billy Hawks

Click here to download the mp3

The Guest List:

Natty Vader's 'SoundSystem Vol.2'

It's a Vibratonic / Funklab moment. Natty Vader has delivered a mix where the reggae and the funk meet perfectly in the middle of soulsville...which is nice! I've only ever dabbled in some 60's ska and a touch of two-tone in my mixes so surprisingly these are the first reggae tracks 'proper' to hit the player. Which by the way is updated and back on track (excuse the awful pun). Serious'ISH'ly though, the whole point of the guest list is that it's not what I'd do (there's more than enough of that knocking about so what would be the point). Check out the Casserole Music, Soulico and  Planet Mondo mixes for more eclectic moments that demonstrate what I mean. I really like the fact that the guest list is a bit of an exploration in discovery and rediscovery. Particularly liking the versions of 'Mercy' and 'Crazy' on here...inspired! I'm diggin' it cos to my ears it's different and yet still definitely The Right Side Of Funky! Hopefully Mr.D will follow this up with a full funk mix of his own (fingers crossed peeps), thanks to him as ever for the chance and Natty Vader of course for the mix. Be sure also to check Mr.D's answers over on the interviews page. Hope you like it kids, rant over... be good 'til next time! 

Love n' sta-press,  TBC

 Everything I Own - Ken Boothe

Stop That Train - Clint Eastwood & General Saint

Set The Sun - Breakestra

Hold On - Flevans

Let's Take A Walk - Raphael Saadiq

Ran Kan Kan (Thunderball vs.Fort Knox Five) - Tito Puento

Now That We Found Love - Third World

Mercy - Third Degree

Cordao Da Insonia - Ceu

Swan Song - Babyhead

Do You Love Me - Lee Fields & The Expressions

Peaches - Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P

The Gold - John Brown's Body vs. Dubmatix

Uptown Top Ranking - Althia & Donna

54 46 Was My Number - Aswad

Crazy - Alice Russell


Click here to download the mp3





The Guest List:

 'A Message From The SoulSistas! - A Mix by HeavySoulBrutha

Happy days funky folks. My number one soul brutha has stepped up to the mark with a fantastic offering. Ram-packed full of soulful divas and funkier than a month of sundays, this one's a must. HeavySoulbrutha is one of my inspirations in starting The Right Side Of Funky (the other being DJ Blueprint and 'This Is Tomorrow' ) so you have to check out his blog 'Put The Needle On The Record' as soon as you can, and if you download this little beauty you won't be able to resist. This fella's got seriously good taste in music and a seemingly endless supply of raw funky soul on vinyl. Nice eh? Muchos respect and thanks to Dave for jumping on board The Right Side in such a stella stylee, absolutely love the intro brutha and that's exactly where the name/alter ego came from (as I'm sure he was responsible for yours too).

Love n' toffee, TBC


A Message From The SoulSistas - Vicki Anderson
Kissing My Love - Spanky Wilson
Boss Love Maker - The Emotions
Is It Love Or Desire - Betty Davis
What Condition My Condition Was In - Bettye Lavette
You've Been Gone Too Long - Ann Sexton
Break In The Road - Betty Harris
Light My Fire - Astrud Gilberto
Look What You've Done To Me - Sheila Skipworth
Let Me Be Your Lovemaker - Betty Wright
Funky Soul - Drummetts
War - Carla Whitney
An Earthquake's Coming - Black Velvet
The First Thing I Do In the Morning - Joyce Williams
Dirty Tricks - The Sweet Inspirations
Happy Fool - Belva
Make Me Believe In You - Patty Jo
Feelin' Alright - Lulu
Hang On In There - the Stovall Sisters
I've Been Turned On - Jo Armstead

Click Here To Download The Mp3






The Guest List:

Planet Mondo's 'Rockadoodledoo!'

Get in and get loose guys n gals, ecetera, und zeweiter, et la 'whatever it is en francais'  ....this is the cheekiest result ever! 

We do have a selection in the bag for you devoted groovers  but time and motion accompanied by general socialising has prevented it's delivery. The same can NOT be said for Planet Mondo.....we got cheeky and he delivered! This dude is a legend as far as we're concerned - he introduced us to 'bastard pop' and that's a concept even one's girlfriend can't take on board don't ya know. That said my brothers love it...and so do hers!. This mix is as mad as you'd expect  and obviously just a little bit more,,,it's the Mondo show for funk's sake! Big love , deep respect and proper man hugs  to Dave  for bringing his eclectasism (which I'm sure isn't a word or the right way to spell it but ya get my drift cos you am funkee peeps)  to the show once again!  I owe you big time Mr.Zonko! x

Jack Ross - Mumbles
The Charts - For The Birds
The Earthworms - Mo' Taters
Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet
Little Joe Hinton - Tired Of Walkin'
Richie Barrett - Some Other Guy
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - The Hoochi Coochi Coo
James Brown & The Famous Flames - Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
Joe Tex - Yum Yum Yum
Sam Butera - Bim Bam
Thurston Harris - Do What You Did
Jack Hammer - Wiggling Fool
Bobby Christian - Enough Man
Barbara and the Boys - Hootie Sapperticker
Jimmy Heap & His Orchestra - Gismo
Barney Kessel - Honey Rock
Phil Upchurch Combo - You Can't Sit Down (Parts 1 & 2)
Syko And The Caribs - Do The Dog
Billy Preston - Midnight Hour
Lee Moses - Reach Out
Wynder K Frog - Sunshine Superman
Levon & The Hawks - He Don't Love You
The Strangers - Mary Mary
Favourite Sons - That Driving Beat
Bobby Rush - Sock Boo Ga Loo
Wynder K Frog - Green Door
Tom Jones - The Lonely One
Little Richard - Dance What You Wanna
Shirley Ellis - Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling
The Happy Cats - These Boots Were Made For Walkin'
Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen - Last Night
Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands - Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler

Planet Mondo's 'Rockadoodledoo' mix - mp3

The Guest List:

Casserole Music's 'SciFi Sounds Of The Sixties'

It's been a while since there was any guest appearances so we're very happy to say we've got a nice treat for ya now! Lee over at Casserole Music has been busy creating a funktastic mix of the weird and wonderful incorporating vocal skits from 50's and 60's radio plays that I just know you're gonna dig! Get on over to his place at the Casserole blog  when you're done and grab some of the other offerings he's warmed up! 

Love n' oven gloves, TBC


Emphasis - Rocking Bird
Nino Nardini - Tropicial
Jonny Pearson - Flying High (Edit)
Nino Nardini - Shere Khan
Gap Mangione - Boys With Toys
DJAZZ # 6 - Dudley Moore
Shawn Lee - Changing Times
Shawn Lee - Electric Tit
Shawn Lee - 26
Nino Nardini - Poltergiest
Cedar Walton - Road Island Red
Dieter Roth - My Kind Of Sunshine
Lo Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra - Modal Shopping Guide (Edit)

Casserole's 'SciFi Sounds Of The Sixties' mp3

 The Guest List:

 Melting Pot 3rd Anniversary Sampler

The lovely people from Lanarkshire’s premier mod nights Melting Pot have been kind enough to lay some serious grooves on us. They are currently based at Starka in Motherwell playing once a month and there’s a very tasty buzz about it. This is only one half of a fantastic selection so you know these nights must be cracking chaps! All the DJ’s have their moment on here (Ally, Craig, John, Matt, Scott and Stuart) so you can tell how diverse these occasions must be. There’s also a cheeky bonus track on the end from a local band that you are gonna love people! Makes you wanna head up there eh? Why don’t you? Many thanks to all at Melting Pot for sharing their thang and a special thanks to modmum for doing all the legwork (sorry it took so long to post).

Love n’ rasperries,  TBC

What Condition My Condition Is In - Betty Lavette

I Can’t Break The News To Myself - Ben E King

After The Laughter - Gene Chandler

They’ll Never Know Why - Freddie Chevez

I’m Gonna Leave You - Bobby Powell

Wrapped In A Dream - Lou Lawton

The Hurt - B B King

Bright Sound - Big Moose & The Jams

Let’s Wade In The Water - Marlena Shaw

He’s Coming Home - Beverly Ann

Cool Jerk - The Coasters

The Who Who Song - Jackie Wilson

Too Experienced - Eddie lovette

Sweet And Dandy - Toots & The Maytals

Give And Take - The Pioneers

Broadway Jungle - The Flames (AKA Dog War)

Things Have Got To Get Better (Get Together) - Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins & James Brown

What Have You Done For Me Lately - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

Love Addict - Honey & The Bees

Shot Down - Lee Fields & Sugarman & Co.

00-43GM - Marva Hodge & The Moody Sec

Now That You’ve Made Up Your Mind - Val McKenna

You Don’t Love Me - Gary Walker

I Don’t Need No Doctor - Ray Charles

Seven Days Too long (Demo) -Berry Tweed & The Chasers

Melting Pot 3rd Anniversary Sampler mp3


Another guest mix. El Sprucho from Fajita Funk hosts a fantastic show on  Futurebeat Radio and thanks to his kind offer, this was my contribution. It aired on Monday the 26th of May fact fans (which seems about a year ago to me) and I’m very thankful to have played a part in it cos it’s a great listen folks (my mix aside of course)! I did say I’d post it a while back (as its a ‘proper mix’ and I dont often go there) but unfortunately, due to moving home and a complete pc wipeout…I lost it!! That’s why this is as aired because fortunately a friend recorded it live (or something, if that makes sense - things ‘air’ live don’t they?…you know what I mean anyway). Phew!!

Love and crumpets,  TBC



Junkie Hustle - Earths Delight

Backtalk - The 2nd Amendment Band

Thinking Black - Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

Yeah, You’re Right - The Meters

The Big Apple - Uncle Sam

I Think I Made A Boo Boo - Rufus Thomas

Switch no.1 - Who (Ngubani)

You Can’t Go On - Lonnie Lester

I Dig Your Act - The Whatnauts

Jamos Soul - Jamo Thomas

Budos Theme - The Budos Band

There Was - The Naturall Band

Pick Up The Pieces One By One - A.A.B.B

You Said A Bad Word - Joe Tex

My Credit Didn’t Go Through - Freddie King

Who’s Making Love - The Commodores

I’d Rather Be With You - Bootsy Collins

 ThE Soul Chef presents

‘Another Fufu Funk Fix’

You lucky people! The Soul Chef has been busy cooking up some funky delights for us and his kitchen must look like a bomb’s hit it cos this is a funky soul explosion! He is a very busy man at the moment so I’d like to send him some huge thanks (and congratulations) and wish him much, much happiness!  Fufu Stew is always a must, I really dig The Chef’s mixes and he has such an ear for a tune my funky friends that it’s very nearly frightening. He’s been kind enough to indulge me and do the Q&A too so be sure to read on and find out more about him. If you haven’t already you must check out his fantastic blog Fufu Stew (yet another of the inspirations to start this little page) and as The Chef himself  would say….enjoy!

Love n jazz, TBC

Honky Tonk Popcorn-Bill Doggett
The Road-Communicators
I Thank the Lord-Mighty Voices Of Wonder
Giggin’ Down 103rd-Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
Little Old Country Boy-Parliament
Different Strokes-Syl Johnson
The Jed Clampett Part 1-The Sister & Brothers
Go For Yourself Pts. 1&2-Kenny Smith & The Loveliters
Soul Duck-Plight
Tra La La-The Great Deltas
Bag Of Soul-Soul-Saints Orchestra
I Who Have Nothing-Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness
Stayed Away Too Long-Manuel B. Holcom
Let Me Come Within-Renaldo Domino
Soul Feelin’ Pts. 1&2-Eddy G Giles
Pass It On Part 1-Pieces Of Peace
Part 2-Bad Medicine
Let’s Go Down To Funksville-Dayton Sidewinders
Move in the Room-Dawn and Sunset
Cold Heat-Lil Javier and The Fabulous Jades
Trip Pts. 1&2-Eugene Blacknell
You Ain’t My Brother-The Soul Shakers

The Soul Chef presents ‘Another Fufu Funk Fix’ mp3

 The Beat Collector:

Guest Selection for Parkdale Funk

Ive been lucky enough to be invited to make another guest selection (always a pleasure I might add). This time my travels have taken me to the funktastic world of Parkdale Funk.  Get on over there, have your funky fill and subscribe to the podcast! 

Love n' cake, TBC

Ooh Yea - Betty Davis
Sidra’s Theme - Ronnie & Robin
Comin’ From A Higher Place - Baby Charles
Hold It Down - The Quantic Soul Orchestra
The 900 Number - The 45 King
Outrage - Booker T & The MG’s
Wiggle Waggle - Herbie Hancock
Do What You Gotta Do - The New Mastersounds
Turn Off The Light - Larry Youngs Fuel
Koochie Koochie Koochie - Mavis Staples
Smiling Faces Sometimes - Rare Earth
Thinking - The Meters
Football - Mickey & The Soul Generation
Les Joies De L’amour - New Jersey Kings
Answer To Mother Popcorn - Vicky Anderson
Rough Out Here - Modulations

Download it here at Parkdale Funk

 The Guest List:

Planet Mondo’s ‘Mondo Internationale’ Mix

On with the guest list and fittingly (as he gave me the idea in the first place) it’s the turn of my main man from the inimitable Planet Mondo with a ‘World Wide Funk’ extravaganza. Having blown the roof off with his mixes for  Fufu Stew and The Hook & Sling, I’m chuffed he could spare us the time to whip up something special! You must get over to Planet Mondo when you’re done here and check out some of his recent eclectic and frankly indescribable offerings. Thanks Dave, it’s another scorcher!

Love n respect, TBC

Brigitte Bardot - St Tropez

Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic

The M & S Band – Egg Roll

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Panama City

Delroy Wilson - Funky Broadway

Jackie Mittoo - Juice Box

The Supremes - Bad Weather

Brand New - Earthquake Pt. 1 & 2

Chakachas - Jungle Fever

Assagai - Telephone girl

The 20th Century - Hot Pants

Joe Bataan - Latin Strut

Sandi & Matues - The World

Spanky Wilson – Light My Fire

Patti Drew – Fever

Sammy Davis Jr – You can Count On Me

Izzy Royale – Coronation Street

Mondo Internationale Mix mp3

 The Guest List:

Soulico’s ‘Archeology’ Mix

Another sprinkling of gold dust for The Right Side Of Funky and another education for me. A funky bucket full of thanks to Boaz Murad cos I haven’t stopped playing this since it landed! 

Love n' stuff, TBC


‘I am proud to present Soulico’s new mixtape titled Archeology
It’s an hour full of Hasidic Disco, Spiritual Soul, Yemenite Funk, Turkish Acid Rock, Arabic Jazz & much more, all recorded & released in Israel by local musicians & artists in the 70’s and early 80’s.
95% of the tunes were never reissued on CD and were kind of obscure even when they originally came out.
This is the result of a decade of digging in Tel-Aviv’s record shops & Flea markets…Enjoy’

- Boaz

Blastoff- Svika Pick
Dimona (spiritual capitol) - Soul Messengers
All Night Long - Camel Disco
Carry on Jerry - Dory Ben Ze’ev
I’m Nina’alo - Albert Piemente
DJ Dori - The Platina
Ya Shabab - Do you wanna buy a camel?
Mystic Magic Love Song - Sherry
Ya Habibi - Shlomo Haviv
Ya Salaam – Abu Hafla Orchestra
Left Right - Disco Made In Israel
Soyle Beni - Grazia
Hagigat Holedet - Eitan Masouri
Disco Queen - Sherry
Hasidic Medely - Hasidisco Fever
Hoshienu Adonenu - The Soul Messengers
Roots Charlie Roots - Jecky Bar-on
Reggae Hodi - Kobi Recht
Ad Matai - Dont Call Me Black OST
Foul Shawarma - Albert Piemente
Al Tishkah - Gali Atari
Illusions - Izhar Cohen
DrorIkra - Igal Bashan
Neimat Haoud - Tzliley Haoud
Equilibrium - The Soul Messengers
Time To Say Shalom - Uncle Moishe

Soulico’s ‘Archeology Mix’ mp3

 The Guest List:

Funky16Corner’s ‘Heavy Heavy Heavy’ Mix

The Daddy!

Dyna-Might - Borracho (Uni)
James Barnes & the Agents - Good & Funky (Golden Hit)
Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) (King)
Pretty Purdie - Funky Donkey (Date)
Fatback Band - Goin’ To See My Baby (Perception)
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Tramp (Stax)
Little Milton - More and More (Checker)
Chuck Cornish - Blue Eyed Brother & Soul Get Along Pt1 (SSS Intl)
Geraldo Pino - Heavy Heavy Heavy (Suzumi)
Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman (Alston)
The Banana Splits - Doin’ The Banana Split (Kelloggs)
Buena Vistas - Hot Shot (Swan)
Clea Bradford - My Love’s a Monster (Cadet)
Louis Chachere - The Hen Pt2 (Paula)

 Funky16Corner’s ‘Heavy Heavy Heavy’ Mix

 The Guest List:

Zamali’s ‘Funky Beat Mix’

Next up is Belgium’s Zamali.  And first and foremost I’d like to say a big thank you. It’s a funky beat mix thats bang on it. Zamali’s 45’s are well worth checking out if you aren’t familiar with his output.  A man who likes to let the music speak for itself, Im sure you are gonna dig it. Inspiring stuff and a full speed launch for the guest list series. Check out some more of his mixes here onmyspace.

Love n' learnin', TBC


Basement Freaks - Start your feet like this
Aldo vanucci & Feature Cast - Make You Happy
Average White Band vs Jackson 5 - I want you Pick up the pieces
Maceo & The Macks - Cross The Tracks
All Points Bulletin Band - Sexy ways pretty legs
Krafty Skillz - Music sounds fatter with u
A. Skillz vs Nick Thayer - Rock the Spot
Monie Love - Monie In the middle
Black market Audio - Now We Gonna Sock It To Ya Original Mix
Black market Audio - Shake Original Mix
Basement Freaks - Shapeshifter (South City Allstars remix)
Fexitones - Chinese Burns
Headson Groove - Monkey Feelings
A. Bambaataa - Meet Me At the party
Basement Freaks - Street Assasin Original Mix
Feature Cast - Funky White Brother
Ugress - loungemeister

Zamali’s ‘Funky Beats’ Mix mp3

 The Guest List:

Number 9’s ‘Quel Organ!’ mix

Our first guest mix, and it’s a fantastic take on all things ‘groovy’ from the very cool Number 9. He has also started the ’20 Questions’ series over (see 'Interviews') with a refreshingly honest set of answers so be sure to change channels and check it out, as well as his band Penelope! This is an education for me and I’d like to say a huge thank you to Number 9 for sharing these gems with us! Strap in and come on the ride of your lives friends…its Number 9’s ‘Quel Organ’ mix!

Love n' hydrogen, TBC


Autoroute Du Sud - Christian Gaubert

Ambush - Toubabou

Crazy Organ - Bernard Lubat

Obsession - Eden Rose

Sister Charlotte Abbaye - Bernard Estardy

La Honte De La Famille - Francis Lopez

Audition - Francois De Roubaix

Pour Celui Qui Viendra - Andre Popp

Hoodlum’s Parade - Gerard Leveque

Mururoa - Les Musicians

Garden On My Mind - Mickey Finn

Boof - Roger Pierre Et Jean Marc Thibaut

Fratelli E Consi’ Sia - Nino Ferrer

Eden Rose - Penelope

Bass Section - Guy Pederson

Nothing To Do - Luc Harvet Et Ses Requiens

Black Sweat - Chute Libre

Hey Bulldog - Les Shattels

Mais Oubli La - Les Pollux

Number 9’s ‘Quel Organ’ mix mp3

 The Beat Collector:

Guest Mix for The Hook & Sling

Ive been on my travels once again. Thanks to the offer from Mr.Double Down, this time it’s a guest mix for the fantastic The Hook & Sling . Check it out, there is a wealth of funky soul mixes and wonderment to be found there!

Love n' thanks, TBC



Brother James - James Dee & A Piece Of the Action

I Got A Bag Of My Own - James Brown

Spreadin’ Honey - The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band

The Hen Pt.1 - Louis Chachere

The Hawg Pt.1 - Eddie Kirk

I’m A Good Woman - The Generation

My Love’s A Monster - Clea Bradford

55 Dollars - Visioneers

Jonathan E - Mother Earth

Flute Thing - Seatrain

Reggins - The Blackbyrds

Keep It coming - Denise Lasalle

Hey Girl - Gene Harris & the Three Sounds

Simple Song - The Fabulous Counts

You Can Only Do Wrong For So long - Tommie Young

Download it here at The Hook & Sling

 The Beat Collector:

Guest Selection for Fufu Stew

Thanks to the kind offer from Vincent the Soul Chef over at Fufu Stew the latest selection is now being served in his kitchen. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other excellent mixes and offerings that he’s been cooking up.  And thanks again Chef!

Love n' sweets, TBC



The Zoo (The Human Zoo) - The Commodores

Mama Said We Can’t Get Married - Warren Lee

Boogaloo 3 - Roy Lee johnson

It’s A New Day - The Skull Snaps

Licking Stick, Licking Stick - James Brown

Yak-a-poo - Lattimore Brown

Harlem Clavinette - Bobby Womack & J.J.Johnson

Dance Girl - Rimshots

Funky Washing Machine - Alvin Cash

The Duck - Jackie Lee

Andre’s Bag - Andre Williams & The Out Of Sighters

I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled -Limitations

Behind Closed Doors - Chuck Brookes

All Because Of you - The Isley Brothers

Foxy Woman - Eldridge Holmes

That Was Whisky Talking - Ronnie Forte

Up There And Out There - Kush

Download it here at Fufu Stew

 The Beat Collector:

Guest Selection for This Is Tomorrow

Thanks to the ever impressive DJ Blueprint here is my first ‘guest’ selection, for the fantastic This Is Tomorrow 

Love n' peace, TBC



You Can’t Go On - Lonnie Lester

Knucklehead - The Bar-Kays

Hercules - Aaron Neville

Funky Women - Maceo & All The Kings Men

Big Schlepp - Dave Pike & His German Set

Mr.Cool - Rasputins Stash

I Thank You - Sam & Dave

The Spoiler - Eddie Purrell

Live Wire - The Meters

I Got The Feelin’ - James Brown

Mini-Skirt Minnie - Sir Mack Rice

Didn’t Say A Word - Patti Austin

When The Revolution Comes - The Last Poets

Love Factory - Eloise Laws

Doin’ The Thing - Lefties Soul Connection

Guest Selection for This Is Tomorrow mp3

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