Loyalty Lies - Darron J Connett

‘Yes I’ve Seen It All Before’ declares DJC almost immediately (but not literally) just to set the scene, an inspired turn of phrase considering Darron’s rise to ‘d’ya know what, bollocks - I’ll do it myself’ so called fame!

He’s no fool and knows the importance of who/why and how you become the artist you want to be. It’s talent, listening, learning and progression.

He hasn’t stumbled across any of the brilliance on this album - he has slaved, worked himself senseless, lost confidence, gained confidence, torn his own heart out and nearly lost himself to arrive at this, his ACTUAL masterpiece!

I’ll just knock out any haters who may think I have a vested interest here - yes, I know DJC but ask him yourselves I’m a shit mate that likes nothing more than having a pop for a laugh. Ask my wife about the first time she witnessed us together - she thought we were enemies - take that and party (as you wish).

Thing with this album/beast is DJC is not only asking where your Loyalty Lies but showing where his does too! Therefore it’s a naked album but somehow completely smothered in layers - try writing an entire album like that then you too could align yourself with the likes of Weller, Ashcroft and the Gallagher’s (easy comparisons to make I know but he holds more in common than you’d think. Check out his back catalogue most notably with The Last Of The Troubadours and Black Noire).

He does however (in my often blinkered but always humble opinion) hold more in common with the 60’s vibe and songwriting capabilities off Bowie than any of the aforementioned!

Fans of 70’s and 80’s revivalism who were on a similar ‘mission’ and later but albeit musically in the 90’s got into the more informed and rational melodic beauty that Ocean Colour Scene managed seem to think DJC is theirs! 


He’s only just beginning....

I’ve waited till now to drop this word so here it is, DJC is a mod! A proper mod! 

Not stuck in the past but appreciative of it and progressing the movement!

Back to the point which is the album:

Solid opening track which speaks for itself followed by ‘How Dare You’, an annoyed artist rant - it’s the right of the writer, and delivered with gusto, style and accomplishment to all the haters, slaters and know all’s. Musically it’s a little bit of a nod to a lot of great tunes but prewarns you no fillers and no half arsed production is in store! 

Here’s the tune that makes you stop ‘Falling’! Almost digital but working -see Ashcrofts last masterpiece and remember it took a while to accept, not this track! Progression is modernism! Five Stars DJC!

I’ve nothing to say about ‘As Long As There Is Love’ because I believe that is a song that no-one should sully by giving away any spoiler alerts - it’s a masterpiece!

‘Red Baloon’ and ‘The Universal Merge’ are why I chose to get involved and show where my Loyalty Lies along with so many others - they are the songs I knew were in there and needed nurturing into realism! They are however better than I ever imagined although Billy Bragg is owed a pint or two for the riff on ‘Baloon’  - that aside, absolute perfect examples of Darron’s lyrical/poetic  ability! 

‘The Antedote’ is a fantastical whimsy in my ears of the kind of song our grandchildren will listen to and love like we do the likes of Kinks songs now! Some brilliant observational humour involved and genuine heartache to a soundscape to be proud of. The musicians on this album give their all and it shows.

Next up is where I go wrong ‘Hours of My Life’ is the best song I’ve heard in a very long time! Haunts me like a Beatles song the first time you hear it -I feel I’ve always known this song, it’s one of those! The backing vocals are my thoughts and the guitar the blood rushing through my veins! Almost, just almost Strawberry Fields good... DJC style! It’s sublime! 

I don’t want to say anything about the last 3 songs because if you are listening to it on the back of this review the beginning of the next song will be pay off enough and I want you to have more, like I did listening to it with fresh ears and no prejudice! 

In short, this is the best album anyone I know has bought this year and will cement a love for modernism to a new generation that needs it’s very own  swan songs!

As for you, young man - you’re a gent, a talent, a romantic and a solid believer and that is why I love you Darron J Connett, there I said it! Thanks mate, you’ve made an old man remember why he’s proud to wear a parka and dance like a lunatic.

You will too, just go listen!

Believe, and Behave,




AKA ''The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera'' designed a special

lyric video for her ''indie hit'' single Beautiful UR ft. Belfast poetess Irish 

Soulflower for her fan base.  Towards the end of the video TRAEDONYA! 

introduces her brand new logo. The song has been embraced by the

blogosphere's independent bloggers, online magazines and independent internet

radio tastemakers. Since the songs early July 2015 release Beautful UR  has organically 

grown and spread out.  For those who passed on it the first time ...give the video a peek.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmvoP0e0b1E

Download link: http://www.hulkshare.com/traedonya

The song was created by soul legend Al Green in 1972. TRAEDONYA! has done 

her unique interpretation. See the links below to stay in touch and learn more

about her. 







Announce Autumn/Winter 2015 UK Headline Dates

Debut Album ‘Response’ Released 21st August via Catch 22 Records

 Watch The Video For ‘When I Call Out Your Name’ Here 

”Just about the best thing released this year” – Vive Le Rock
“Gaining more and more friends with their stunning live shows” – Fred Perry Subculture
“One of the most exciting prospects to come out of the youth inspired mod scene” – Louder Than War
"The most energy I've seen in a band in 20 years"- Martin Blunt, The Charlatans

Monday 8th June 2015;Ahead of a performance at The Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday 13th June, Watford quartet The Spitfires are pleased to announce a string of autumn and winter UK headline tour dates in support of their debut album ‘Response’ which will be released on 21st August via Catch 22 Records.

Abold and brash band of brothers who were raised on The Clash, The Jam, The Specials, The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys, they were formed in September 2012 by Billy Sullivan (vocals, guitar) and Sam Long (bass), who were soon joined by Matt Johnson (drums) spending their first two years as trio before augmenting their sound with the addition of Chris Chanell (keyboard, vocals).

Their last single ‘Stand Down’ sold out in two days, but there’s no need for hype or “next big thing” tags here; just building a fan base the old fashioned way, via a strong work ethic and touring their arses off - that spirit and attitude is alive and kicking with The Spitfires. Their energetic and powerful live performances have already seen them play over 200 shows and with their growing fan base and reputation it’s no surprise that the band came to the attention of Paul Weller and The Specials who bothpersonally invited them along for support slots in recent months. The band have also been part of advertising campaigns for clothing companies including internationally renowned brands like Merc, Baracuta and Dr Martens and have already racked up radio support at BBC6 Music, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing and a host of other digital stations.

"Our debut ‘Response’ is very much a record of its time” says front man Billy Sullivan of the forthcoming album “It's our response to the current drought in meaningful music and lyrics, the attitude of the industry and the rose tinted nostalgia of yesterday's heroes.I make no apologies for wearing my influences on my sleeve - however this ain't no 'revivalist' nonsense. It's the sound of four young frustrated lads in the studio with cans of Red Stripe, B&H, and lots of ideas…and Tom the producer somehow achieving the sound we wanted by listening to me talking bollocks about The Clash, Orchestras and Xylophones for 6 months over the top of it all.”

Their much anticipated 13-track debut album ‘Response’ will be released on August 21st 2015 on vinyl, CD and download on their own ‘Catch 22’ record label, via Republic of Music. 

Further live dates TBC

Autumn/Winter 2015 UK Tour Dates:

















The Spitfires are:

Billy Sullivan – Guitars/Vocals/Songs

Matt Johnson – Drums

Sam Long – Bass/Vocals

Chris Chanell – Keyboards/Vocals





 The new single from Grammy-nominated Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, "Little Boys With Shiny Toys," is now avalable at:



Digital download available from 9 March, super ltd DJ copy 45 vinyl available from 16 March.Pre-order now click here

We're extremely proud to present you on Record Kicks the return of one of the most exciting Blue Beat & Rock Steady band ever existed, The Bluebeaters! The BB returns with the brand new single "Roll with it", a storming Jamaican Ska cover up of the Oasis' classic, that anticipates the forthcoming new album "Everybody Knows" that will hit the streets on Record Kicks next 13 of April. The Italian rudies have re arranged Gallagher brothers' seminal hit, like if it was recorded in Kingston Jamaica in the middle of the 60s, the result is a train out of control and full of dynamite! Pure Jamaican Ska pleasure from start to finish.

Active since 1994 with 4 studio albums for V2 and Universal Music and 2 gold records under the belt, during the last 20 years of their career The Bluebeaters have headlined festivals like Rototom Sun Splash and International Ska Fest in London. Amongst their fans, there are folks like David Rodigan and the legendary late lamented Lloyd Knibb (The Skatalites).

Digital download available from 9 March, super ltd 45 vinyl available from 16 March. Pre-order now click here


Out Now! 
Fresh off the success of their record-breaking debut single “Hot Shot” b/w “Gonna Make Time,” Saun & Starr are back with 2 sides, equal parts complexity and subtlety – “Look Closer” b/w “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Blah Blah”(That’s right! 7 Blahs!). “Look Closer,” the eponymous track to their forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album, is a dark mover that creeps into your bones via the aural highway, and sticks there till you can’t do anything but shake it loose on the dance floor. The flip ‘Blah Blah...’ is a breezy, sun-filled day of cocktails and good friends, pressed into 7” of waxen joy. Think Island Soul ala Jackie Edwards. 



 Following their 2014 breakout single "Hot Shot"—Daptone's most successful 45 release—longtime Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings backing singers, Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan-Lowe, (known as Saun & Starr) are set to release their debut full-length album, Look Closer, on May 19th.

Look Closer was produced by Gabriel Roth and recorded with The Dap-Kings at the House of Soul studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2014.
Listen to the title track, "Look Closer"
Pre-order the album NOW
*The Daptone Shop pre-order will be available starting April 20th.


"The Mighty Mocambos are one of the best funk combos in Europe and have been treading the path of funk for over 15 years!" - Soul Kombinat (DE)

The Mighty Mocambos

The Mighty Mocambos' new album "Showdown" sets another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge, a hard hitting production and ventures into less obvious musical territories. 

While highly enjoying themselves as the tight unit they are,The Mighty Mocambos invited an exciting list of guests to contribute to their musical "Showdown": German film composer icon Peter Thomas, hip hop godfather AfrikaBambaataa, rap legends Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islam (member of Rocksteady Crew) and Donald D (of Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate), plus Nichola RichardsShawn Lee,DeRobert from peer label GED Soul in Nashville, Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek and organ geniusGuillaume Metenier.

With two highly successful albums under their belt as The Mighty Mocambos and a plethora of singles and music releases under different monikers such as the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, this new full-length is by no means the final battle, indeed the show has just begun. The album shows a group who is prepared to stand up to anyone in the game. Their guns are heavy beats, epic horns, dual guitars and outstanding compositions – and they are locked and loaded! 


 DAVID WOODCOCK ‘The Adventures Of You And Me EP’ Monday 9th March // ALBUM: Out Now


'The Adventures Of You And Me’ is taken from his debut album and is accompanied by three previously unreleased tracks: ‘Why Does My Heart Ache So Much’, ‘Any Fool Can Fall In Love’ and ‘I Forgot To Miss You’ which is an alternate take of the album track which features the whole band as opposed to the semi live recording of the album version.


"David Woodcock is a talent. Every observation is honed to perfection. Brilliant" ★★★★ RECORD COLLECTOR 

"Literate, melancholic and uplifting, [a] big-hearted gem of an album" 
★★★★ The Sun


"Part Stiff Records, part Brit Pop. A reckless Stephen Duffy or an Essex Jarvis Cocker" Steve Lamacq, BBC 6Music 


 Release date: 21/10/2014

Blow Up Digital Music Promo

Big Boss Man 'Last Man On Earth' 
(September 1st, 2014) 

Blow Up presents 'The Last Man On Earth' is the 4th album from Big Boss Man, following the first single ‘Aardvark'which had spins on BBC 6 Music thanks to the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show and Cerys Matthews: 

"I've been a big fan of Big Boss Man for many years. Big Boss Man, Aardvark Double Groovy!" Craig Charles BBC 6 Music 

Contact: Blow Up 
T: +44 (0) 20 7636 7744 
E: webmaster@blowup.co.uk

turn your images on to see this promo in its full glory

Kudos Records

OUT NOW: The Shaolin Afronauts 'Ojo Abameta' digital download single

The Shaolin Afronauts are currently in the middle of thier first European tour, after 2 shows at Glastonbury and a killer gig in London on Saturday the 28th - the band are now continuing to play their deeply funky blend of afrobeat and jazz to enraptured audiences in Holland and also Spain:

July 2 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
July 4 - Slap Festival, Zaragoza
July 5 - Tempo Club, Madrid

Today also sees the digital release of the single 'Ojo Abameta' which features two exclusive tracks not featured on the forthcoming album 'Follow The Path'. 

All Who Pass By and Fe which are both prime examples of the totally original Shaolin Afronauts approach to their craft. This is deep, spiritually rooted music that locates the band almost in a genre of their very own.

The 12-inch will be released on 14 July for those who need the vital vinyl format!



"Such a bomb release!! I love these cats since their first album and their modern take on Afrobeat is just amazing. Full club and radio support!" Tom Strauch, Switchstance Recordings 

"Love the feeling of All Who Pass By and the afrobeat flavour of Fe." Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s / Echoes

"The Shaolin Afronauts is the maybe the world's premier afro funk/jazz act. Their poly-rhythmic eloquence is in full array where guitars and horns interweave afrocentric jazz melodies and solos. 'All Who Pas By" DJ Life Fabrik

"World music at it's best. Brilliant stuff." Dobo Marzov,

"KIck ass afro-funk to deep and spiritual - a great combination"
Phil Levene, Eclectic Jazz

Already supported by The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show (BBC 6)

Shandy, Will & Grruff
"Island Time"

New Mastersounds bassist and veteran independent music producer Pete Shand finds an outlet for his Jamaican roots with this sun-drenched pop-reggae album, a collaborative studio project recorded between Menorca (where he is now based), Yorkshire (where he hails from) and New York City (where he regularly records & performs). This full-length is an international collaboration featuring vocal performances from Brian J (Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn), Aoife Hearty (Rodina, UK) and Kirsty Rock (Easy-Star All Stars, NYC), with Jits & The Mighty Froggy (Leeds Underground). Perfect laid-back summer sunshine music.  

David Woodcock 'Open Secret'
(28th July2014)

‘Open Secret' is the 3rd single from David Woodcock released just prior to his debut self-titled album out this August. It follows the singles ‘Same Things’ and* ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’, both of which have had strong radio support from *Steve Lamacq – "A great little pop record" – (BBC 6 Music), John Kennedy (Xfm X-posure Hot One) and Gary Crowley (BBC London + Amazing Radio).

David is a singer-songwriter based in his hometown of Southend-on-Sea. A pianist and prolific writer, David's songs are steeped in the classic British song writing tradition epitomised by the likes of Ray Davies,Steve Harley and Ian Dury. Lyrics filled with humour, pathos, wry observations and a riotous energy...

LIVE SAT 9th AUG - *Album Launch at BLOW UP Bussey Building, Peckham

Previous Single Reviews:
"The best 45 I've heard from a new artist in 2013" IAN MCCANN, RECORD COLLECTOR

"Single of the summer? Well for me that was David Woodcock’s breezy pop gem Same Things, when the Southender re-ignited Estuary Pop with a whirling piano based ditty that landed somewhere in between Ian Dury and the lighter side of Brit Pop" POPJUNKIE

"Essex has a bit of form when it comes to delivering maverick pop geniuses with a gift for mixing a smidgeon of music hall with a dash of 60s pop and creating inspired, but intelligent tunes" BRANDISH.TV


THE BLAXOUND   releases
2014 | CD | HBR015 | 19-AUG-2014 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]
Marta Roman brings together Phat Fred, Fundacion Tony Manero, and The Slingshots for a set influenced by the Memphis sound, The Meters deep-funk, and classic soul. Recorded at The Blaxound Recording Studio in Barcelona.

The Impellers "My Certainty" album

My Certainty” is the third album by The Impellers. With their previous releases “Robot Legs /Freestyle) and “This Is Not A Drill” /Légère/Mocambo) the band from Brighton have established themselves as a tight and authentic raw funk unit. With “My Certainty” the band - featuring vocalist Clair Witcher and composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Glenn Fallows - 

explore fresh territory. “We wanted this album to be different to other material we’ve produced, but still keeping the big and heavy sound which people have liked about us. 

 There’s a couple of reasons why we hope this album will surprise people,” Clair Witcher explains.

With “My Certainty” The Impellers have re-invented their sound.  “We were kind of recognisable but never truly bedded in and this is a significant change for album three. 
The current line-up has been together for over two years and we were so excited when rehearsing for the recording, 
it finally feels like it has all fallen into place,” Glenn Fallows recalls from the “My Certainty” sessions. 
“We've used different musical styles which match the stories and sentiments in each of the songs.  
There's a couple of soulful ballads, some acoustic folky soul, a bit of R&B-inspired stuff.  
Having said that, there's a load of influences from individual band members too, which seem to bleed through into the overall sound.” 
Clair Witcher adds: “For me as a vocalist, it was a great challenge to try and mirror the sentiments of the song and musicianship with my vocals.  
 We’re very pleased with how the album came together and we hope people agree that it’s by far our strongest work yet.”




ARTIST: Horndogz
LABEL: Uptone Records
FORMAT: CD / Digital
GENRES: p-funk / hiphop / funk
(P) & © 2014 Uptone Records

Click here for the VIDEO of "Rocksteady"
Click here to PREVIEW the album


Uptone Records proudly presents the 1st studio album of French funk trio Horndogz feat. Fred Wesley, Amp FiddlerTy,Blitz The Ambassador,Juan Rozoff and more! 


Bulgarian soul sensation Ruth Koleva is proud to present Eric Lau's fantastic new remix of her track, 'Turn This Around'', 

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/ruthkoleva/ruth-koleva-turn-it-around

 Born into a volatile world of corruption and hardship in post-Communist Eastern Europe, Ruth endured a difficult childhood largely spent without her mother. After finding salvation in the classics (Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole) she became 'tour-hardened' by jaunts to far-flung destinations such as India and Thailand.
 Inspired by era-defining artists Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, Ruth manages to tip her hat to the classics, while still saying something new and pushing the boundaries. Eric Lau's 'Turn This Around' Remix is a beautifully seductive piece of work. Featuring a snappy drum sound and Koleva's characteristically soulful vocal, it's a track that already feels like a classic in the making.

Having already won support from iconic, established artists such as Mark Ronson and Andreya Triana, Koleva is certainly one to keep an eye on. If you had no idea of the musical gifts that Bulgaria has to offer, 2014 is the year that Ruth Koleva will make you sit up and pay attention. 



The New Mastersounds

ARTIST: The New Mastersounds
TITLE: Therapy
LABEL: Légère Recordings
FORMAT: CD / LP / Digital
GENRES: funk / soul / jazz
(P) & © 2014 Légère Recordings

Click here for the VIDEO of the band
Click here to PREVIEW the album

The New

Légère Recordings proudly presents the 9th studio album of funk supergroup The New Mastersounds that showcases the full musical spectrum of the band!



Blow Up Digital Music Promo

Download / Stream here 

‘Aardvark' is the first track to be taken from Big Boss Man's forthcoming 4th album 'The Last Man On Earth'. It's just had it's first radio airing courtesy of an exclusive spin on the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC 6 Music

"I've been a big fan of Big Boss Man for many years. Big Boss Man, Aardvark Double Groovy!"Craig Charles 

‘Aardvark' release date: 7th APRIL 2014 // ‘Last Man On Earth’ – Album Out June 2014 





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Lack of Afro - Music for Adverts

 A Wide ranging, eclectic and progressive musical outlook has always been theLack of Afro approach. His latest material follows suit as he harnesses disparate musical styles ranging from funk, soul and hip-hop to create a contemporary yet vintage musical escapade of superb songs.

On his 4th studio album for Freestyle Records, the influences, sounds and musical textures are more eclectic than ever. Below, Adam talks us through some of the his favourite moments on 'Music For Adverts'.

First out of the box is the steaming funk killer FreedomThis time around I knew I didn't want an intro or a skit to start the album - I needed a strong, heavy opener - I had the melody for the chorus floating around in my head. It was then just a case of working with Jack Tyson - Charles on the rest of it and getting the vibe that the song required.

Long time Lack Of Afro collaborator Herbal T features on Brown SugarI had an idea of doing a disco track with an emcee on it, which you don't really hear often. This is actually the first time I've sung on a Lack of Afro track, adding my backing vocal warblings on the choruses! Special shout to George Cooper for the howlin'Hammond solo at the end too.

Of the gritty instrumental No Guts, No Glory Adam explains: I wanted to include 3 instrumentals as I always have a soft spot for them & it's what people know me for. The 'choir' was recorded by layering up my own voice in different octaves, nothing is auto-tuned, its all real. The studio allows me to do stuff like that but I could never sing live - I'll leave that to the proper vocalists.

'Proper vocalist' Jack Tyson - Charles again features on The Gypsy, which as Adam explains uses the classic song format to great effect: One of my favourite LOA tunes to date, Its in keeping with the album mission statement of wanting to write 'proper songs' instead of just grooves.

Another supremely radio friendly & catchy composition is the track which introduces Juliette AshbyMaking It Right, of which Adam informs us; the initial idea came from my good friend Flevans. George Cooper & I added the changes, Rory Simmons arranged the strings & Juliette Ashby came up with a really great vocal. It's most definitely different than a lot of LOA material, but that is no bad thing - sometimes you just have to get outside of your comfort zone and try new stuff.

The truth is that Music For Adverts is stuffed with beautiful audio gems of all varieties - from those 'proper songs', though tough nut, hard hip hop jams, deeply grooving funk - Lack Of Afro has mastery of many genres, production & various instruments, which is why this album is a fully formed tour de force through contemporary soul.

(courtesy of Freestyle Records)



When Pitch & Scratch came up with their “Hamburg Hustle” in 2009 it was a revelation. These guys studied the Seventies school of funk and soul, were digging deep in disco roots and knew what a good hiphop beat was all about. Then there was “Everybody Move” with its irresistible party vibe and an ultra-charming video clip, putting smiles on face all around the globe from sportsbars in Australia to lavish cafés in the south of France. And we should not forget to mention: It was a completely instrumental affair! What a statement.

Now we arrived in 2012 and Pitch & Scratch got their act “Together”. Mzuzu and Suro from downtown Hamburg took seriously what Beats International advised back in the days: “The hustle is on the way out, and we gotta come up with a new rhythm”. In Pitch & Scratch’s case, they do not limit themselves to just one rhythm. “Together” is full of global vibes. The method is simple but effective: After the release of the “Hamburg Hustle” album Pitch & Scratch were out and about getting props for their instrumental arrangements. But why not take the next step and introduce vocalists and lyricists who share a similar, funky and peaceful vision to the family? This is where Wayne Martin comes in. Born in New Orleans and now living in Europe this respected blues singer came up with the very personal, heartfelt “Popa Never Was A Genius”, which Mzuzu and Suro turned into an uplifting latin-soul mover. Speaking of uplifting spirits: With the voice of Brazilian singer Leila Pantel “Maculele” and “Vem Meu Bem” tropical grooves meet Hispanic vibes. Enter Seanie T. The rapper from South East London is talking serious business. “Pitch Me And Scratch Me” is a piece of true, down to earth and gritty UK Hip-Hop. Plus there can only be one Alex Prince, well known in the German urban scene, to top this funky line-up of vocalists. “Funk Is Ruling in My Head” has the message in the title and is taking Alex Prince back to the roots of funk.

But what would the funk be without the horns and the percussion. “Together” is a big shout-out to the power of brass. Here we have the Diazpora Horns, the Boxhorns (of Jan Delay & Disko No.1) and Pitch & Scratch’s homies of the Superbad Horns. Put this in line with the super tight percussion of Lack of Afro in “Popa Never Was A Genius” and we have something really special going on.

Towards the end of the album Pitch & Scratch join the “Road To Saturn” while they “Roll’n Rock”. Here we have it all “Together”: Deep, serious clubby vibes, from the people for the people, no posing just the groove next to the adrenalin of a sweating Northern Soul dancefloor packed with a crowd which is completely in it for the music. That’s what we call “Together”!




Papa Never Was A Genius (feat. Wayne Martin)

What You Wanna Do

Maculele (feat. Leila Pantel)

Pitch Me And Scratch Me (feat. Seanie T)

Breakers Delight

Funk Is Ruling My Head (feat. Alex Prince)

Get Down

Up & Away

Road To Saturn

Roll ’n’ Rock

Vem Meu Bem (feat. Leila Pantel)



The Impellers are very proud to present their long-anticipated second album 'This Is Not A Drill'.

The Impellers are a 10-piece heavy soul and funk powerhouse, playing strong original material and new versions of contemporary tracks. The new album brings together influences including heavy soul, deep funk, latin and afrobeats, hip hop production, and includes a funk re-version of the instantly recognisable „That’s Not My Name“ by The Ting Tings.

The Impellers first full album „Robot Legs“ was released on UK  independent label Freestyle Records and featured a guest appearance  from DJ and latin percussion legend Snowboy. Since its release in 2009, the band have been busy touring across the UK, Netherlands, Spain, France and elsewhere. They have shared stages with some of the finest funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz and scratch DJ talent from around the  world.

Their live schedule has included shows with Marva Whitney,  Breakestra, James Taylor Quartet, The Bamboos, Lack of Afro, Kid Koala, Hexstatic, Mr Thing (The Scratch Perverts), DJ Bizznizz (UK DMC Championships winner), DJ Vadim, Speedometer, Polar Bear, Part Time Heroes and The Nextmen.

The band also played live sessions on the BBC in the UK and were  recruited by renowned DJ and promoter Adrian Gibson to play a live mix of tracks from the seminal 'Ultimate Breaks & Beats' records - 55 classic breaks in a killer hour-and-a-half, non-stop live set - played as if mixed by a DJ. The band were also featured live onstage with Brooklyn hip hop legends The B Boys in 'King of the Beats - The Movie (Vol II)'.

This is NOT a drill - This is 100% REAL!



Hear What I Say

The Knock Knock

Pon Lo Afuera

Do What I Wanna Do

Signs Of Hope & Happiness

Politiks Kills People

Close To Me

Took Me For A Ride

That’s Not My Name

Belly Savalas

Last Orders (Outro)

Available from Legere Recordings 27/4/12


The secret’s out – Dojo Cuts are ready to rock your world!’ – Russ Dewbury (Night At The Jazz Rooms)

Sydney soul/funk outfit DOJO CUTS return with a super soulful second album entitled “Take From Me”, once again featuring the sizzling, smoky vocals of Miss Roxie Ray. This much anticipated follow-up to their debut full-length sees the band taking it back to the roots of soul, but at the same time giving a nod to contemporary funk. With the liner notes written by Russ Dewbury (A Night At The Jazz Rooms) and the support of the entire Daptone Records family aka Gabriel Roth, Neal Sugarman and Homer Steinwess, this Aussie outfit prepares for what is without a doubt a significant step forward in the band’s musical journey.

This is the album where all of Dojo Cuts’ experience and hard work reaches its deeply soulful zenith, with mellow moments - such as in “I’d Rather Go Blind”, “I Can Give” and title track “Take From Me”, as well as gritty straight-up funk pieces like “Mamacita”, “Sonny’s Strut” or the Marva Whitney & James Brown classic “What Do I Have To Do”. Add to that some slices of feel-good crossover soul such as in “My Lovin’ Is All About You” and first single “Easy To Come Home”, and the result is a guaranteed instant classic! The secret is out indeed, Dojo Cuts are ready to rock your world!

This has what every great soul record should have and more. Great Feeling, Great Grooves, and Lots and Lots Of Soul, all in the raw and ready for consumption!”Neal Sugarman (Dap-Kings / Daptone).  

Featuring the blistering impassioned vocals of Roxie Ray, heavy instrumentation and great song writing, Dojo Cuts go route 1 to your soul!” Russ Dewbury (Night At The Jazz Rooms)

"Roxie Ray could sing the phone book and I would buy it. Luckily the material on offer here is much better than the phone book! Funky and sultry in equal measures, this is a one fabulous album!” - Craig Charles (Funk&Soul Show on BBC6)

This is super nice!! Great horns & arrangements and what a voice!”Henry Storch (Unique Records)

Funky-soulful and jazzy, feel-good music for the mind and feet, and Roxie Ray has the perfect voice to pull it off!” Phil Levene (Soulm8 / Eclectic Jazz)

This record is exceptionally produced, it sounds authentic and tasteful. Really well done!” – Claudio Passavanti (Sunlightsquare / Inna City FM)


  1. El Entro

  2. I Can Give

  3. Easy To Come Home

  4. Mamacita

  5. Lift Me Up

  6. Sonny’s Strut

  7. My Lovin’ Is All About You

  8. In This Moment

  9. Sometimes It Hurts

  1. I’d Rather Go Blind

  2. Take From Me

  3. What Do I Have To Do (bonus track)




Site favourite and all round good guy Groovy Uncle is back (he never left but you get me)!

He's teamed up with the lovely, lively Suzi Chunk to whack us in the earlobes with some authentic cool! My personal favourite track from the old mod rapscallions The Kravin A's hears Suzi unleash more potential than a bag full of cash! Obviously the groovy one was responsible for the track the first time round but it's sounding fresh as a daisy with Suzi's vocals. Pre-orders are now available and if the excitement BBC6 music have got for this track is anything to go by, this one's gonna be rocking ya noggin's all summer long! God bless State Records and bring on the album... I've a feeling it's gonna be groovier than a beehive in a civic hall! Enjoy!

Order It Here



 In a remarkably short amount of time, Adam Gibbons (Lack Of Afro) has amassed an extensive and varied body of work. From his own recordings, featuring his multi instrumental skills, to producing, DJ-ing and of course, remixing tracks by a huge range of different artists. This 27 track, 2 disc collection One Way - Remixes & Rarities brings together the cream of Adams reworkings, some remixes of his own tracks by like minded artists, and excitingly some previously unreleased material that sees the light of day for the very first time on this killer collection of funk fuelled, dance floor fodder. With so much material to choose from, putting together this compilation was almost an embarrassment of riches, whilst the highlights are many, for Adam himself the particular stand out moments are as follows:

Ray Camacho & The Teardrops - Si Si Puede (LOA Remix) Legendary trumpeter/bandleader Ray Camacho contacted Adam himself saying how much he loved this remix when he heard it! Adam aimed to make it as heavy as possible whilst keeping the original groove which was killer, and arranging it with the dancefloor in mind. Mission accomplished! 

The Hot 8 Brass Band - It's Real (LOA Remix) Having only the stereo master to work with on this one, meant writing a whole new track whilst keeping elements of the original to create this mix. Not an easy task, but it turned into one of the most rewarding Lack Of Afro remixes ever. Featuring heavy funk all the way, courtesy of Mike Bandoni (Funkshone/The 6 Music Fantasy Funk Band) on drums, and Nick 'Frootful' Radford on guitar.

Lack of Afro - Daddy Brings His A Game This exclusive new track very nearly made it onto Lack Of Afro's 2011's This Time album, so it was very nice to be able to include it here. All built on a filthy bass line from Damon Minchella, and helped out with some guitar, and Hammond from the boy Flevans. Its quite dirty really!

The New Mastersounds - Idle Time (LOA Remix) A favourite in the US where The New Mastersounds are now huge on the funk/jam band scene. Built around a great groove from the NMS boys, with an awesome vocal by Leigh Kenny, who was signed to Sony at the time.

Soopasoul - Brand Nu (LOA Remix) Adam often cites this track as probably his favourite ever LOA remix as the strings hold a special place is in heart, and someone recently told him that the kick drum sound was the best they've ever heard. As rock solid as a diamond anvil, it seems to do the job anyway!

One Way - Remixes & Rarities also includes remixed material by Flow Dynamics, Mr Confuse, Eddie Roberts, The Fantastics! The Diplomats of Solid Soul and Kraak & Smaak, and is a comprehensive collection of sweetly soulful and fiercely funky finds! Dig in and root down!



Now then peeps - this one is mahoosive! 

Being lauded from all the corners of the earth and justifiably so. Mike Bandoni and his talented gaggle of cohorts are back to proove the funk is on the up again! It's about time someone showed the world what we can do here in blighty and if this is the best we got then I'm happy to whack my seal of approval on that! Stand out track at HQ is Dirty Money but there isn't a filler to be found on here! Skyline Recordings have come up trumps with this release as it's exactly what the world needs right now!

Available in all the usual outlets, (but HMV currently have the vinyl) it's a must have for any funk fan! 

Check it out on soundcloud if you don't believe us!


 Record Kicks proudly presents the much awaited debut album by Michigan's finest deep funk and soul combo The Third Coast Kings!

THE THIRD COAST KINGS introduced themselves to the world in 2010 with the release of critically acclaimed 45 “Give Me Your Love” / “Tonic Stride” on Record Kicks, and ever since then the buzz surrounding this up and coming deep funk and soul combo from Ann Arbor/Detroit has been steadily increasing. Having already enjoyed extended International radioplay and DJ support from the likes of Kenny Dope (Kay Dee), Craig Charles (Funk&Soul Show on BBC6) and Ian Wright, anticipation builds around the release of this band’s debut full-length. The Kings’ staple sharp-edged sound has been finely honed to a hard-grooving, rough and rugged musical mastery that never lets up, and their first album is no exception!

With choppy guitar licks, horny horns, and badass beats, The Third Coast Kings provide all the right ingredients to make you shake that tail feather from here to next Winter. Their self-titled debut is a solid example of the kind of explosive sound this tight 8 piece produces, and from the first to the last track the groove is always super heavy and massively funky. Whether on gritty instrumental workouts such as “Case Quarter”, “Cop It Proper” and “Come On” or soulful vocal showpieces such as “Spicy Brown” and “Emcee Marie”, The Kings bring you nothing but the finest in proper funk and soul. Get down to the sound that will have you beggin’ for more, get down to The Third Coast Kings!

BIG! Getting lots of play in my sets!" Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos )

Quality funk from Third Coast Kings. Raunchy vocals, strong songs and brass 'n' rhythm tracks to die for! Another superlative release from RK!”Bob Jones (Future Soul)

Sweet n' tight, this is a heavy cut of soul!" TM Juke (Tru Thoughts)

"Fabulous. Totally on the button, love the full rich sound of the Kings. Michigan's finest!”Craig Charles (Funk And Soul Show on BBC 6Music)

''Fire Extinguishers at the ready people! These are super red hot!” - Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records)

Heavy & Good!!! There is still good new funk on this planet, well done!”Henry Storch (Unique Records)

Sounding Cool!”Michael Ruetten (Soul Searching / Com


  1. Come On

  2. Give Me Your Love

  3. Cop It Proper

  4. Emcee Marie

  5. Crush It

  6. Tonic Stride

  7. Roughneck

  8. Gold Brick

  9. Spicy Brown

  1. On The Reel

  2. Case Quarter

  3. Summalove



The Apples
'Thang / Powder'

Kings of raw funk, The Apples have been creating genre melting, infectious groove for nearly a decade. Blending a composition of decks, horns, double bass, drums and electronic effects, The Apples create a big band vibe mixed with their Middle Eastern influences, to create a signature sound that pushes the boundaries of modern funk.

‘Thang / Powder’ is the latest in an impressive string of releases which include the Freestyle Records LPs‘Buzzin' About’ and ‘Kings’- the latter featuring collaborations with funk trombone pioneer Fred Wesley and world music guru Shlomo Bar. The Apples also garnered praise and international success for, the now notorious track,‘Killing’ a cover of Rage Against The Machine and their spine tingling tribute to Amy Winehouse as they cover‘You Know I’m No Good’.

At their best, live, The Apples allow their origin of spontaneous composition to shine, working audiences into a booty-shaking, body heaving frenzy. Recent live appearances include WOMADCamp Bestival and Secret Garden Party festivals.

“Their oddly effective mix of instrumental hip-hop and soul-jazz got the crowd dancing and jumping, while giving listeners plenty to latch on to." The Guardian

The huff-and-puff brute force of ‘Thang’ and the slow burning ‘Powder’ were tracked at the legendary Big Room atReal World Studios in Wiltshire and present the band closer than ever to capturing their explosive live sound on tape.

“Raw energy, brute force and drum breaks are the common denominators within ‘Thang’...which certainly makes itself heard. ‘Powder’ is a far more sedate affair, as slo-mo turnablism and jazz horns combine to complete a solid outing for this Israeli nine-piece” Found Sounds, DJ Mag.

‘Thang / Powder’ is their first single release from their latest album, set to drop in April 2012 during a full European tour starting in March.

theapplesmusic.com | amontage.net


'Spicy Brown' - Third Coast Kings 

Record Kicks is quite excited to present new single "Spicy Brown" from the upcoming THIRD COAST KINGS' self-titled debut album, alongside the brand spanking new VIDEO, filmed and edited by Jason Caridi (watch below!). After breaking through with much acclaimed 45 double-sider"Give Me Your Love" / "Tonic Stride", Michigan's finest deep funk&soul unit the Third Coast Kings prepare to launch their first full-length, available in all the best stores on CD, Mp3 and LIMITED EDITION vinyl LP from March 12th. "Spicy Brown"is just a taste of what's in store on the album, check out what some of the most respected DJs had to say about it!

 "Quality funk from the Third Coast Kings. Raunchy vocals, strong songs and brass 'n' rhythm tracks to die for! Another superlative release from RK!" - Dr. Bob Jones (Future Soul)

"Fabulous. Totally on the button. Love the full, rich sound of the Kings. Michigan's finest!" - Craig Charles (Funk&Soul Show on BBC6)

"Heavy & Good!!! There is still good new funk on this planet, well done!" - Henry Storch (Unique Records)

"Fire extinguishers at the ready people! This is super red hot!" - Nik Weston (Mukatsuku / Guynamukat)

RKX039 THIRD COAST KINGS - selftitled out March 12th on CD/Digital and LIMITED EDITION vinyl LP



The Baker Brothers - Time To Testify  

This one's currently steaming up the windows at Funky HQ so we thought we'd share the press gubbins and point you in the direction of the latest long play release on Record Kicks! Tough to pick a standout track as it's all pretty much on the mark so we'll say all of them! 

Be sure to check out the video for lead single 'Make Your Move' below, have a listen here on soundcloud and then go buy it from www.recordkicks.com kids. - TBC


1.      Statement Of Intent *

2.      Make Your Move

3.      Painting Pictures

4.      Once I Had A Friend

5.      Patience

6.      Decision Time *

7.      Feeding Freddie

8.      Pieces Of The Puzzle

9.      Stick Up *

10     Hang Loose

11     The Bottom Rung

12     Roll It *

13     The Young Patter

14     Snap Back

15     Head South *

16    Genki Strut *

A brand new full-length by The Baker Brothers, one of the most prolific funk & soul bands of the modern era!

Following 10 years worth of experience and a number of releases on labels such as Emi, P-Vine and Freestyle, UK funk & soul titans THE BAKER BROTHERS land at Record Kicks with their seventh, and latest musical opus, which picks things up where previous top singles “Once I Had a Friend” and “The Young Patter” / “Patience” left off. The result is “Time To Testify”, a brand new album that sees The Baker Brothers hitting their stride as they mix elements of modern soul, with funk, jazz and everything in between.

From soul winners such as “Once I Had A Friend”, “Pieces of The Puzzle” and “The Bottom Rung”, to surefire crowd-pleasers such as “Hang Loose” and “Feeding Freddie” and groovy instrumentals like “Make Your Move” and “The Young Patter”, the seemingly effortless prowess of The Baker Brothers takes center-stage and holds no prisoners! With 16 tracks of funked up beats and soulful grooves “Time To Testify” is bound to consolidate The Baker Brothers’ reputation even further. Now can I get a witness!' -Record Kicks

“Time To Testify is the brand new spanking album from the fab Baker Brothers, full of crunchy beats, growly bass, stinging horns and great songs all over the joint. This band are as tight as two coats of paint!” – Emrys Baird (Blues & Soul Mag) 

"Thumping modern with all the right ingredients to cause a stir on the dancefloor!" - Jazzman Gerald (Jazzman Records)

From start to the finish this albums kicks and screams and makes you want to dance or in my case tap your feet furiously and puts a huge smile on your face. This is a totally feel good experience and when it ends there is only one thing to do and that's start again!” – Aja (Ketch A Vibe / Jazz Times)

“Great new dancefloor freshness from the ever popular Record Kicks label." - Gary Dennis (Crazy Beat)

"A fresh digger's delight of modern soul!" – Djouls  (T.I.M.E.C./Paris DJs/Colored-Inc). 

"Funky horns, drums-beats galore and dreamy vocals - Time To Testify is a rare-groovers delight. Prepare to be funked-up in a big way!" - Ginger Tony (Jump Start / Solar Radio)


“A raucous selection of Jazzy Funked-up Soul, bursting with energy, and with its fair share of dance-floor movers!” – Phil Levene (Soulm8 / Eclectic Jazz)



Paolo Apollo Negri - 'Cobol'

Nice little teaser for Hammondbeat darling and one of our favourite's third solo album! 
Paolo is a hammond wizard extroardinaire and responsibile for some of the funkiest sounds around (he plays with The Link Quartet and the mighty Fred Leslie's missing Link).
 The new album is out on 22 November and has a line up of guests that will NOT disappoint.  Check Paolo's myspace for more details @ http://www.myspace.com/hammondfunk 




Deep Street Soul - Look Out, Watch Out

(Released Monday 19th September)

Australian kings of dirty, gritty, low down funk and soul Deep Street Soul are back with a vengeance! This slamming 45 builds upon the diamond hard funk & soul template they established with their self titled 2009 debut long player on Freestyle Records.

And DSS's new vocalist May Johnston makes her presence felt on this teaser 45 for the new title track taken from the new album Look Out, Watch Out her voice combining the best elements of Marva Whitney and Spanky Wilson on this dance floor destroyer!

On the flip side, London born ex pat Shirley Davis stamps her own identity on the bands version of Masterpiece which is totally exclusive to this 45 and not available anywhere else.

Tough yet soulful, hard yet deeply melodic, Deep Street Soul return  doing what they do better than anyone else!

The Freestyle Records Team


Lack Of Afro 'A Time For' ft Wayne Gidden (FSR7069)

As a multi instrumentalist, artist, producer, DJ and in demand remixer, Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons) has achieved a startling amount in the few years since his first Freestyle releases. Playing live and DJ-ing across the world, producing and remixing everyone from Tom Jones, The Pharcyde, The New Mastersounds through to Kraak & Smaak.

In 2011, as well as collaborating on an album project with Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds, and having also produced and played on the Jazz FM 'Album of The Week''Colours', by Freestyle label mate 'Frootful', Adam somehow found time to create what is, without doubt his strongest album yet:  'This Time'.

As an introduction to this eclectic and progressive collection, Freestyle Records is proud to present the simply stunning single 'A Time For' which features Wayne Giddens' smoky vocals on this mellow, sublime soulful outing.

This collaboration between these 2 multi talented musicians has resulted in this memorable and touching composition, and to contrast that – the B side 'Numero Seenko' is a club friendly, hard hitting funk tinged number that is totally exclusive to this single!

Here's just some of the reactions to this stunning slice of soul:

"Why isnt Stevie Wonder making music like this anymore? This is what Ive been waiting ages for!"  Smoove (Jalapeno Records)

"My One To Watch this week!" Gary King (Jazz FM)

"Love the song - a fantastic piece of soulful brilliance!"  Dean Rudland (Ace Records)

"A Time For is a beautiful composition!"  Dusty (Jazz & Milk)

To hear what all the fuss is about (and then buy a copy of course) check out this page of the Freestyle Records website.

You can also get a digital download from one of our favourite online music stores Juno, here!


The Freestyle Records Team. 




Release:  8th August 2011



  1. Mushroom Strut 

  2. Sweetback 

  3. Somewhere Finally

  4. All The People - Part 1 

  5. No Right Turn

  6. Know No Gods

  7. I Breathe  

  8. The Bone Breaker 

  9. Cold Case 

  Cecils Slide

     All The People - Part 2  #     

      # on CD album only          

 'The Fantastics! first began to take shape in 2003 after organist/pianist Greg Boraman departed the ranks of the acclaimed deep funk outfit The Soul Destroyers (Jazzman Records) and answered the call to fill the keyboard seat in Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours, the previous incarnation of the band that released their debut album 2LBs Of Funk on French label Soul Cookers Records. 

Whilst the band indeed loved heavy funk with a passion, they also wanted to incorporate other styles that had shaped their open minded musical lives: jazz, Brazilian, afrobeat, rhythm & blues, rock, boogie, latin, reggae: the full spectrum of influences which each musician individually brought to the table! Finding that they soon tired of the narrow and formulaic restrictions that the purely retro funk genre saddled them with, and a new plan began to come together.

Changing their name to The Fantastics!, they re-launched with the Cheeba's Couch 45 (on Raw Wax), an aggressive funk-rock assault to highlight a deliberate widening of musical textures and influences the band were eager to explore. Freestyle Records founder Adrian Gibson picked up the band and the resulting debut album Mighty Righteous won plaudits from entities such as Wax Poetics, legendary DJ Bob Jones and BBC Radio 2's Mark Lamarr who invited the band in to perform live sessions twice for his God's Jukebox show, all appreciated the more varied musical horizon the group were reaching for.

Now in 2011, The Fantastics second album is another step in the London band's long musical journey. The musical transition continues on All The People which features vocalist Sulene Fleming on several tracks, one of the UK's most versatile and capable singers of her generation! Add to this great musicianship and strong original compositions such as ‘Somewhere… Finally’, the shimmering and beautiful summer love song that drips with deep soulful, horn hook lines, and of course Sulenes' soaring vocals, the moody and atmospheric ‘Know No Gods’, the southern blues inflected groove of ‘Cold Case’ and the full on, strident funk-rock grit of ‘I Breath’ all demonstrate how The Fantastics! have finally arrived at their musical destination with a highly
eclectic sound for today which pays respect to the past without being shackled to it'.

DJ Lubi Jovanovic  


 The Beat Collector's new (and searching for a musical direction) venture PROJECT BPM can be found over on reverbnation @http://www.reverbnation.com/#/projectbpm and  on myspace @www.myspace.com/thebeatcollector2



Cat No: FSR093

Format: 12 inch single/download

Release date: 27th June 2011

Never really comfortable with tightly defined and rigid musical pigeon holes, The Fantastics! have always been pushing the boundaries and honing their musical eclecticism since before their first Freestyle releases back in 2008. As a primer for their second Freestyle long player 'All The People' (FSRCD/LP091) which will see release August 2011, the band present this brand new three track 12 inch single which only hints at the incredible range of sounds, genres and styles that they forge into their own particular and highly individualistic approach that looks backwards, forwards and up and down at the same time..

Teaming up with stunning vocalist Sulene Fleming, on the recommendation of DJ, promotor and all round musical guru Lubi Jovanovich, the band set to writing with Sulene (who first came to attention on The New Mastersounds first album, with the funk club banger 'Turn This Thing Around') and the results speak for themselves!

'Somewhere Finally' is a concise, catchy and beautiful summer love song, that's dripping with deep soul, horn hook lines, Sulenes' soaring vocals and a shimmering vibe that has already seen this track become a highlight of The Fantastics! live shows, and will without doubt become the soundtrack to many peoples lives over the summer of this year.

'Up Yours' lets the band invoke the feel of, at first, something akin to a gritty N'Orleans groove, that then after a short breather launches itself at your ears with a gumbo style 'second line' audio assualt where Dr Lonnie Smith style organ riffs fight with multiple horns, percussion and almost certainly a kitchen sink, on a toe tapping, hand clapping, leg breaking blues buster which is not on the forthcoming album and it is totally exclusive to this single!

And on the flip side of this varied platter comes 'Mushroom Strut' which provided the band the opportunity to blend together their favourite influences into something that defies classification: is it disco, soul-jazz, fusion or organ funk? Well - it's all that and more..and just like the album it's taken from - this busts wide open the rigidly defined and often claustrophobic boundaries some people would prefer music to be trapped in. That approach is not for The Fantastics! 



Thanks to those new funky cats on the block The Right Now you can grab yourselves 

a slice  of happy! 'If I Wanted To' is their latest offering and a heavy affair!

Check it out and email the link above for the download.

Don't forget to check them out in the interview here plus visit their website to

get the album  'Carry Me Home'  while you're at it!

Groovy Uncle - 'Play Something We Know'

Before you read this I have to say this guy is the most prolific songwriter in existence and also a fantastic film-maker,

 so if you're looking for a decent promo for ya thang -  Groovy Uncle is the man!!

 I love him in a well dressed 'man' fashion!  

Due 14/03...500-copies only, pressed on 180gram virgin vinyl and housed in authentic front-laminated flip-back sleeve! State Records are gearing up to release their first vinyl long-players this March (fanfare and drum roll please). First up is ‘Play Something We Know!’ from Groovy Uncle, the latest project from Medway mainstay Glenn Prangnell (Kravin’ “A”s, Goodchilde et al). Steeped in the ‘Delta Beat’ tradition, the LP features a stellar cast of supporting musicians, including Allan Crockford (Galileo 7, Prisoners and many more), Ben Jones (Lovedays), Paul Moss (likewise), Ian Snowball (Aunt Nelly, Effectives) and the acclaimed State session players. More importantly, the 12-song set showcases a brace of damn fine songs from Glenn, rich in Beatlesque harmonies and melody, fully realised at Sandgate Sound Studios’ analogue 8-track recording facility. Many months of intensive sessions (interrupted only by trips to The Diamond Cafe for required sustenance) have resulted in what can only be described as a modern masterpiece - which doesn’t sound at all modern, thankfully.

(Also available on iTunes from April 1st 2011)

Andy Lewis - '41' 


 TWISTED TONGUE - ‘A Return To Space’

 (feat. remixes by RAY MANG & BLUE STATES)

 The 12” vinyl is available at Juno:

…it’s also available for download at iTunes:

…and you can preview Ray Mang’s mix in full here:

Also COMING SOON – THE PROJECT CLUB’s ‘El Mar Y La Luna’ EP on Is It Balearic?, feat. remixes by SHRINKWRAP and LOVEFINGERS. More details to come.


Candice Monique & The Optics - 'In My Soul'   


 'Candice Monique is a talented & unique vocalist, songwriter and poet whose individual vocal and lyrical style fuses classic and Neo-Soul, Jazz, RnB, Funk, Blues, Folk & Spoken Word. It is this distinctive style along with her stage presence & artistic depth which makes her one of Freestyle Records most exciting & original new artists.

After recording her first demo in Atlanta with producer Professor Griff (Public Enemy) in 2003 and later in New York in 2005 with Jill Scott and Vassy producer, Rich Medina, Candice returned home to Australia and began working on more original material, honing her writing, continuing to perform and refine her already formidable stage craft and the results speak for themselves.

Kicking off her debut album with the sparse, punchy groove of the title track 'In My Soul', Candice and her band show how the 'less is more' approach can yield fantastic results. The beautiful, mellow and soulful 'For All Time' reaches the parts much contemporary RnB often fails to touch with electric piano and sweet backing vocals providing something akin to a Stax style soul groove.

It is Candice's wide ranging influences, from Bill Withers to Skunk Anansie that inform her musical style and on the dance floor filler 'Feel The Vibe' one can really understand that simply recreating old skool sounds is not what Candice is about, this music could only be the product of now, by someone aiming to create quality rather than pastiche.

'In My Soul' is a strong, confident debut that draws together disparate influences into a well rounded modern sound that bodes well for Candice and her band. This is where the story starts and it is clear that a remarkable new talent is emerging in front of our ears and eyes!'

1. In My Soul
2. For All Time
3. Mama Dont Know
4. Feel The Vibe
5. Soul Dance
6. My Child
7. Shave My Head
8. Crazy Crazy Thing
9. Hypothetical
10. Revolution ft. MC Momo
11. Wish I Was A Bass



 The Soulful Sound Of Summer Is Here!

Groovers, you need to get yourselves over to www.prema.net and grab a copy of Prema's eagerly awaited album 'In Fusion'. Strap in for the true sound of sunshine and funky enlightenment. If you truely admire genuinely talented songwriting you'll have already clicked over but if you want to know  a bit more first then check her out on the 'Interviews' tab, come back here and then get yo ass's over to www.prema.net  and grab a slice of happy!


 Paolo Apollo Negri - 'The Great Anything' 

Just look at the line-up! I don't need to say too much as you can check him out on the interviews page if you don't already know who he is. He's one of our firm fave's here as he is so prolific with that hammond! Either way get straight over to his myspace page and hear some of these tracks....this album's an absolute stonker and a real must have if you're serious about ya funk!

Love n' spangles - TBC

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