What's up surfers of the world? I've not been up to too much on here of late as I've been busy obsessing over a new discovery (for me anyway)! Shawn Lee is totally blowing my mind at the moment in his various guises and it's come as a total surprise as its not all about the funk! There are some seriously soulful moments to be found but it's an eclectic mix.

At times he touches on country (god forbid),classical, indie and a kind of world percussion type thing. Not really my bag but there's something about this wacky dude that's got me gripped. I've not been so worts n all interested in an artist since my 4 year Dave Pike addiction (which is still ongoing in the background for the record). I shall do my best not to bore you too much on here with it all but just thought for anyone interested that doesn't know him I would give y'all a little heads up! Points of major interest are the albums 'Soul Visa' and 'Soul In The Hole'.
Check him out, be safe and until next time.... keep the faith!