Embarking on my new mission to load up a list of artists featured on the site led me to notice how many big names aren't gonna be on there. I was mooching around the old wonderweb over the weekend and I stumbled across this list (again).... arguably miles off target but interesting all the same. It features links to check out all the bands but as you are funky enough to be reading this you've probably heard them all before anyway.

My beef with these 'lists' is the usual one - Cameo, Prince, Hot Chocolate, Shalamar, Heatwave etc.. I am admittedly very snobbish about music generally but come on, to me that just ain't the funk!

As you will start to discover if you follow these innane ramblings.. there is no where for you to reply or comment! I figured it was probably safer this way as I got into quite a few barneys with people the last time I dipped my toe into the murky depths of the 'blog'! You can always mail me via the contact form if you really think I'm off the mark but do me a favour and tell me what it is you are moaning about as the site has quite a bit of content on it and I'm not too sharp at mind-reading! If you're funny enough I may even add your responses to the post in question (obviously omitting your email address). 

Until the next time - keep on keepin' on kids and stay away from the bad stuff!